The West Indies team has always been showing awesome dance moves signifying their happiness and optimism. The West Indies team celebrating their win with mind-blowing dance moves has become more of West Indies “trademark”.

West Indies enjoy their all of their achievements with dance, may it be an important wicket or a call of celebration over a big victory.

The best quality about these awesome players is their optimism and happy-go-lucky attitude. They never give up and keep on trying till they reach the stage of euphoria.

They just groove in the locker rooms, or the after-parties of their winning a match. 

They even set the team bus and even the dining rooms in the stadium alight, continuing celebration. This team is the coolest one when it comes to celebration!

Let us just face it. If there is any cricket team that knows how to celebrate their victory, it is the West Indies team. 

Even though these dapper players become tired from all the game they played to win that victory, they still enjoy every moment. OMG, they just rock it with those fantabulous and groovy dance moves!

 Even if it is the West Indies men cricket team or women cricket team or under-19 team, they all just rock the stadium whenever they win! 

All of the three teams are fantabulous in cricket as well as dancing.

Here is a list of 10 mind-boggling moments when dance was performed by West Indies cricket team on various occasions that are awesome!

  • ‘Champions’ Dance on victory in ICC World T20 2016
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This is how you celebrate, Windies style! The Calypso Kings grooved and jazzed their most exuberant and fantastic dance moves after their triumph of winning over India in a stupendous final match of the World Twenty20 2016. Windies is the first cricket team that bagged the title the 2nd time since World T20 2012.

Guys, who’s got the moves! It’s DJ Bravo! The veteran all-rounder Dwyane Bravo invented the ‘Champions’ Dance. He released it as a music single on the eve of the tournament. This song went viral after West Indies won the semi-finals against India.

The dance of the Caribbean team on the song track ‘Champions’ makes everyone feel like dancing. This song had become a ‘Team Anthem’ and the song for celebrating any victory in the T20 tournament.

After the match, the team captain Darren Sammy and Dwayne Bravo led the team back to the hotel and danced to the applause of the team’s support staff and members of Windies women’s team as the crowd chorused “Champions…champions…”

  • Springer’s chest roll

Windies is always full of surprises when it comes to dancing! This dance move is the latest fad that has come up in the 2016 Under-19 World Cup invented by West Indie’s Shamar Springer. He calls this move as the ‘Chest roll’ and succeeded in winning everybody’s heart with his incisive spell with the ball accompanied with amazing chest roll! This young Caribbean player has just stolen away the hearts of every West Indies cricket fan with the astounding cricket he played on the fields of Eden Gardens. His chest roll was a total swag! 

  • Gayle’s Ganganam Style

The catchy tune by Korean pop star PSY, took the world of cricket by storm as West Indie’s Chris Gayle led his team to the famous ‘Ganganam Style’ after winning the 2012 World T20 tournament.

Chris Gayle performed his own version of the Ganganam Style throughout the tournament with a unique form of exuberance and zeal. The Ganganam style was performed by the team throughout the tournament and blew our minds away with those delightful dance moves. The West Indies team has given a whole new face to cricket through their mind blowing and groovy dance moves!

  • Bravo’s snazzy jigs

Dwayne Bravo never fails to break into dance after taking a wicket. Besides being awesome at batting and mind-blowing in balling, he has a conglomeration of dance moves up his sleeve. He has become sensational since his video “Champions” went rage worldwide! The Windies singer and cricketer calls himself the best dancer on the West Indies side. He even has dream of breaking into bollywood someday. He never misses the chance of grooving on the stadium field, whenever he has a victory. He is very passionate about dancing since childhood. He expresses his happiness and exuberance through amazing dance moves.

  • Windies men and women team celebrate their victory in their respective ICC World T20 tournaments

There goes the “Champions style” again! But this time it’s one plus one victory.

Both men and women Windies team won their respective World T20 world cups.

After their victory, both men and women danced to celebrate their victory against England in the ICC World T20 2016 at Eden Gardens in Kolkata on April 3, 2016. It has been an honour for the Caribbean teams that all the three teams, Under19, men’s and women’s team won the World T20 Cup 2016. The West Indies fans were full of zeal and exuberance after this glorious moment of victory!

  • Windies women team dance on their victory in World T20 2016
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West Indies women team celebrated their victory by jazzing and grooving in the stadium after defeating Aussies in the final of World T20 2016 cricket tournament in Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

West Indies always impress us with the awesome cricket they play and their delightful dance moves.

The West Indies women gave the message that every girl who plays this game should stand up and come out with flying colours through their passion and hard work. The world has changed and women also rock the stadium with their flawless cricket. 

  • Windies dance the night away in the hotel

After winning the prestigious semi-final in World T20 Tournament 2016, the Windies team made a stunning entrance into the hotel lobby by their astonishing dancing skills. They entered into the hotel like a boss and partied the night away.

  • Crazy jumps and dancing 

The epic victory of Windies in ICC World Cup T20 2012, ended with amazing and astonishing dance moves by all the team members. This bizarre and crazy dance styles which included players throwing themselves towards the ground is indeed awesome!
The Windies team has always luck on their sides due to their ultimate optimism. West Indies team is the second team, which did not win a single match in the first round but alas won the tournament. 

The best thing about Windies players is their optimism and faith they have in each other. They never give up and keep on trying, Windies deserved to be the champions, indeed!

  • Marvellous air splits in the moment of euphoria

West Indies made their country proud by winning not only the men’s World T20 tournament 2016, Under19 World cup 2016 but the women’s World T20 tournament 2016 too! The stupendous victory created the moments of ecstasy throughout the tournament.

This marvellous air split was performed by the wicketkeeper of  Windies Women’s team to celebrate their victory in the semi-final against New Zealand in Mumbai.

  • Splendid dance moves by the under19 West Indies team on a victory

Image URL:×303.gif?1455063089

The West Indies team has their own remarkable way of celebrating their victory through dance. The West Indies team proved that it is starting to be the Caribbean time when they had a victory over Pakistan in the quarterfinal of the Under19 Twenty20 World Cup 2016.

The young West Indies team celebrated their victory through awesome dance moves and just rocked the stadium!

These were the top 10 fabulous and breathtaking dance moves by West Indies players that tops the charts of awesomeness!

Dance is the way of expressing your happiness, zeal and victory.

The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music, and it has the additional merit of being human and palpable. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.”

The Caribbean team never stops to surprise every cricket fan with their amazing sportsmanship, astounding optimism and stupendous dance moves.

Cricket is the game that the West Indies players are passionate about playing. It is the game which they enjoy playing.

Throughout the World Twenty20 tournaments in both 2012 and 2016, West Indies team players entertained every cricket fan and brought smiles to their faces. 

The West Indies women’s cricket team proved the fact that the scenario about women not playing cricket like men is changing. They enjoy the game and celebrate it like ‘Champions’!

And how can we forget the young West Indies Under 19 cricket team players? Their glorious victory has once again proved the awesomeness of West Indies in the area of cricket. The awesome chest roll by Springer and the team dance moves on winning the Twenty20 Under19 World Cup 2016 was worth watching!

They are the real champions in the history of cricket and real entertainers!


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