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28 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List


When it comes to buying something for birthday gift, our mind goes on vacation. There are things like Color-changing water bottles, literary candles, and other goodies that’ll make awesome birthday gifts

Let’s take a look here-

1- Color-Changing Water Bottle:

Fill it will cold water and watch as the white stainless steel magically transforms into a playful color. 

2-Mad Tea Party Soy Candle:

You can stumble into a world just like Alice herself with this white tea and bergamot scented candle.

3-Curling Wand:

It features a unique adjustable dial that turns to adjust the barrel to the exact level of wave you want.

4- Eye shadow Palette:

Create your own unique style, mix any colors you want, blend them together, and make everyone stare.

5- Corgi Diffuser:

Meet Milo, the corgi diffuser that adorably humidifies your favorite space, and gives added ambience with its color-changing LED display.

6- Personalized Pony Enamel Pin

Perfect for pony lovers! If you wish, this little horse pin comes complete with your choice of hand stamped letter on his bottom!

7- Papaya Shower Curtain:

Feeling fruity with this cotton shower curtain topped with a retro-inspired painted print. Topped with holes for hanging from shower hooks.

8- Chunky Knit Blanket:

If you are looking for a great interior product, perfect gift to someone special or endless coziness, then Chunky Knit Blanket is just right there for you.

9- Cocktail Book:

Be your own bartender leads you to your destination―a cocktail effectively designed just for you. 

10-Shark Plush Slippers:

Shark attack! These hungry shark slippers will gobble up your tootsies in cozy comfort. They are not cute, they are super cute.

11-Star Wars Cookie Cutters:

These Star Wars cookie cutters leave the choice to you. C-3PO, Darth Vader, Jedi Master Yoda, and a storm trooper make an appearance in this cinematic set of four, so you may bake with extra imagination.

12- Cozy Socks:

The Dobby fans you gifted this will be thrilled! Perfect funny Christmas socks for girls, boys, women, mom, grandma. Great as a Christmas gift; gag gift; birthday gift; graduation gift and stocking stuffer.

13- Personal Ceramic Heater:

Ward off chills with a mini space heater that is perfectly sized for just-for-you warm-ups. The ceramic heater helps keep you comfortable in places like your desk, bedside, or just about anywhere when you’re feeling chilly.

 14- Adorable Mug:

This is a great mug! Nice thick ceramic with a solid coating of glaze, feels very high end, and the llamas are adorable! Colors are very vibrant.

15- Seashell Pearl Shimmer Highlighter:

This Pearl Shimmer powder from Be same sets your makeup, creating a refined and polished finish, with a translucent appearance and subtle texture that shimmers like the pearls found in the lagoon.

 16- Black Bath Bombs:

The Firebox Spa. Merely looking at this page is therapeutic. Splash out on some eccentric bath time bits and bobs or we’ll smack you with a wet cat flannel.

17- Playing Cards:

Killer Bees Playing Cards Deck by Illusionist is specifically designed with card players, magicians and card enthusiasts in mind.

18- Whistling Kettle:

Perfect for your favorite hot beverage, this tea kettle from Goodful is in durable stainless steel accented with wood for stylish warmth.

19- Constellation Duvet Set:

The stylish print duvet cover make your bedroom simple but modern. It can change your room from boring to inviting and happy redecorate.

20- Conspiracy Theory Game:

Conspiracy Theory Trivia Game is designed tests players knowledge on hundreds of Internet conspiracies. 

21- Galaxy Knives:

First, you marvel at the beauty of Chef’s Vision Knives, with each colorful blade displaying a stunning color image of the unfolding universe. But the best is yet to come — because Chef’s Vision Knives perform as beautifully as they look.

22- 1000-Piece Puzzle:

The puzzle features 20 different colorful illustrations of birds by Gennine D. Zlatkis that are based on paintings by Monet, Van Gogh and Renoir. Additionally, each box contains a poem written by Jennifer Bartlett.

23-  Pikachu Air Pod case:

 The cartoon case is specially designed for Apple AirPods with detachable Cute Ring .Super cute and fashionable.

24- Blooming Lollipops:

What if a lollipop could grow an herb or flower? Voila! Eight all-natural botanical flavors on seed-filled sticks. Savor creative yet delicious combinations like lavender-lemongrass and strawberry-basil, then plant the stick to grow an ingredient in the lollipop. Farm to table, then back again—what a memorable treat. 

25- Sparkly Earrings:

Shining in every turn, suitable for most clothes and occasion, an exquisite beauty which will adorn you to be more amazing.

26- Stegosaurus-Shaped Bag:

 It is lightweight, easy to carry, Super convenient bag for cell phone, wallet, purse.

 Simple and chic, match this perfect clutch sized shoulder bag to any outfit.

27- No-Face Gel Pens:

Very cute and creative, you can use them for office and school pen, perfect gift.

28- Golden Snitch clip light:

This Golden Snitch is a seriously convenient reading light, perfect for when the ceiling light is overkill. Use the clip to attach it to your book for bright reading anywhere, it’s unbelievably portable.


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