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15 Trendy Colours that’ll Liven Up 2019. Hint: Black May Go Out of Style!


Bored of the same old shades of blue, black and green? Don’t worry, 2019 brings in bold hues and colours to brighten your style quotient. After 2016 being the year of minimalistic colours, the new year will usher in the age of red, meadow green and electrifying pink. From vivid colours to shades and tones that convey a sense of earthiness, the fashion world is all set to explore the newest hues of regular colours.

Are you ready to dress up in bold colours?

The days of minimalist looks are taking a backseat with the new colour palette consisting of vibrant shades and earthy tones introducing a new trend. So, revamp your wardrobe with the new trend and add a tad of optimism to your style. These colours are warm, sophisticated and comfortable. Choose your colour combinations wisely, and you’ll be good to go.

Reviewing the spring 2019 fashion weeks

If we go by the colours witnessed on the ramp during the fashion weeks held in Milan, London, Paris and New York, each of these fashion cities sported its own version of feminine charm and charisma. The colour palette used in all these shows exhibited exuberant pops of vibrant colours like Aurora red, coral and cobalt blue to name a few. 

We have listed out 15 trendy colours that will liven up 2019. Take a look. 

1) Primrose Yellow

2016 was the year of spicy mustard and 2019 is about to be ruled by primrose yellow. This bright and sunny colour sure warms the heart, and we’re likely to see more of this vibrant shade in the coming year on monochromatic pieces or flower-like prints.

2) Hazelnut

As promised, here’s your earthy colour that’s versatile as well as classy. This neutral shade is warm and gentle—not to forget the elegance and charm it adds to your style. Introduce this colour in your workwear and make a statement at your workplace.

3) Aurora Red

2019 is not just about Aurora red but also about other red shades ranging from carmine and burgundy to scarlet and crimson. The colour is bold and sensual with warm undertones. Delicate and shimmering velvet or a fabric type that can lend extra style to Aurora red will give you the sassy look you seek.

4) Cognac Brown

Among so many vibrant colours, this shade of brown may seem a little out of place. But it is a strong and confident tone, especially for long winters. It looks elegant and feminine on suede and leather. Now you know which colour to look out for when you buy a new leather coat!

5) Niagara Denim Blue

One of the most dashing colours of 2019, Niagara denim blue, took the ramps by storm during the fashion weeks. This versatile shade matches well with almost every shade and has a calming effect on the observer. 

6) Lush Meadow

Green never goes out of style—it’s elegant, warm and adds a swagger to your style. You can experiment with its various hues including tangy yellow-green and lush meadow green to reinvent the hue and create your own statement.

7) Cobalt Blue

Another beautiful and vibrant shade to add to your wardrobe. Cobalt blue is perfect for your dresses, especially cocktail dresses. You can also try tulle skirts in this shade and pair it with a white top for the perfect look. The colour is also ideal for maxi dresses, turtlenecks and jackets.

8) Metallic Silver

Metallic silver may seem shiny and flashy, but it definitely makes you stand out in the crowd. Evening dresses in this colour will give you an edge over other fashionistas. Pair it with minimal jewellery and footwear to add a dash of elegance to this vibrant shade.

9) Olive Green and Khaki

This brilliant shade of green is making us go gaga over it. From slouchy pants to puffed jackets and tops, this colour just seems perfect for everything. Choose from a range of skirts and dresses in olive green or khaki colours to rock the new year party.

10) Electric Fuchsia

Pink is a colour that brightens up even the murkiest atmosphere. Be prepared to fall in love with its fuchsia shade this season. While talking of pink, you can also pick up bubble-gum pink and salmon pink dresses in the new year for your wardrobe.

11) Lilac

Shades of purple are welcome any season. Try out lilac jumpsuits, silk boudoir style pants and dreamy gowns; you won’t be disappointed. This warm colour will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe this year.

12) Kale

Green is definitely taking the cake in 2019. This shade promotes an earthy look as well as a healthy lifestyle. Kale can be viewed as an intense colour next to other vibrant and neutral shades. Get a dashing leather skirt or an evening dress in this colour and pair it up with lace-up boots to create the perfect sassy look.

13) Tangerine and Coral

Tangerine and coral shades are setting a grand colour trend in 2019. These enlivening shades look great on almost all types of garments. When you’re revamping your wardrobe this year, don’t forget to add a dash of tangerine or coral to it.

14) Flame Red-Based Orange

This vivacious colour seems to be stuck between flaming red and orange. It’s a fun colour to experiment with. Jumpsuits in this colour will be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

15) Pale Dogwood Pink

Finish with a neutral and peaceful shade of pink—pale dogwood pink. It’s subtle and looks great on monochromatic outfits. Evening dresses and gowns in this colour are sure to steal the show.

Do you miss black after this vibrant extravaganza of colours? We hope not. Don’t delay revamping your wardrobe for the new year. Get started now!


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