Shekhar Suman Is Refusing To Age And These Images Suffice It

Age is simply an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind aging, it won’t matter to you. 

This quote by Mark Twain is the first thing that comes to my mind when I talk about Shekhar Suman. A name in Indian film industry that is known to all. Recently, the 54-year-old actor has been the talk of the town for his exemplary transformation. I think Shekhar is aging but in reverse mode.

Shekhar started his journey as an actor with 1984’s Utsav. He is also a renowned name in Indian television industry for judging many shows and even hosting them.

His recent pictures are something that everyone must give a look.

Shekhar in Utsav…

Shekhar in Utsav... 

Shekhar played the role of Charudutt in the film. He looks completely unrecognisable in this look. Doesn’t he?

Though the actor worked really hard…

Though the actor worked really hard... 

He got real recognition with television. He has been a part of great shows like ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ and ‘Dam Dama Dam’ which aired on Zee TV.

Shekhar hosted his own show.

Shekhar hosted his own show.

Shekhar was the host of the show which was named after his first name ‘Simply Shekhar’.

Shekhar has also directed a film.

Shekhar has also directed a film.

Shekhar directed 2014’s Heartless in which he also acted as a doctor. His son Adhyayan Suman was the protagonist of the film.

See how Shekhar has transformed.

Shekhar’s unbelievable transformation…

 tom. Run for fun!????????

Shekhar took to Twitter and shared his recent pictures on his profile.

His motive is to…

Ain’t giving up!

I think his motive is to prespire so that he can inspire many out there.

Is it a silent reminder of something?

Can this change be for a new role? A new film? Or some other project? We don’t know. But, we are certain of the fact that Shekhar is surely making a big impact.

Indeed he is giving a tough competition!

This world is wicked…u have to muscle in.

That’s all, people.